Panda gives birth to twins after watching sex ed videos

This story from the BBC made me laugh out loud. Being a father of
twins myself adds something to the delight.

"A panda in China who became pregnant after watching sex education
videos has given birth to twins.

Hua Mei was born in the US but moved to China in February.
Officials said they had determined that one of the twins was a boy,
but they could not check the other one because Hua Mei was still cuddling it.
. . . .

"We are all very excited. The cubs are in good condition," said Li Wei, from
the Wolong Panda Conservation Centre in Sichuan, southern China.
Before she became pregnant, Hua Mei had been shown videos as preparation
for a series of "blind dates" because experts feared she had little knowledge
of mating after living in captivity.