Marriage equality law in New York: how far we've come

The fact that one of the deciding votes on marriage equality came from a Columbia County’s Republican state senator brought to mind the following true story.

Several years ago a north county friend, a well-known architect, hired a high school boy to do some lawn mowing for her. After several weeks he approached her and asked: “If you think I’ve done a good job, would you be willing to recommend me to do yard work for your friends?”

“Certainly, I’d be glad to,” she replied.

“There’s just one thing,” the boy continued. “I won’t work for gay people.”

“Oh, I understand exactly how you feel,” she said. “You know, I refuse work with Republicans.”

A worried look came across his face. “But I’m a Republican.”

She smiled and said, “Life’s full of surprises, isn’t it?”

- Langdon