None dare call it fascism

It’s interesting that the topic of fascism and totalitarianism should arise in
discussions about politics in the U.S.A. at present. But what is "fascism"? It's
helpful to notice that one-dimensional definitions are of little help in characterizing
political systems. There are numerous relevant features, each of which can be
arrayed along a spectrum from low to high.

What are some of the social and political elements of states commonly called
“fascist”? Below are some familiar features. Try rating the condition of
contemporary America on a scale from 0 (low) to 10 (high) for each of the

intense nationalism and myth of the great nation

militarism and push for military build-up

blind support for a "great leader"

government by one political party

concentration of power behind an inflexible political ideology

suppression of civil liberties

suppression of labor

rigged elections

close links between corporate and state power

propaganda using the "big lie" techniques

uniform political messages in all mass media

thorough surveillance of citizens and dossier keeping

expansion of police power

hatred of peoples and religions declared "alien" or threatening

detention camps for suspect populations

imperialistic foreign policy

Now add your score on these items and divide by 16. What's your
average score?

How's America doing?