Statistics on record breaking heat the U.S.A.

Records published by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's  National Climatic Data Center indicate that July 2001 is one of the hottest in history.  So far, there have been record-setting  "highest minimum temperature" levels in an astonishing number of towns and cities around the country:"Out of a possible 68,672 records: 708 (Broken) + 544 (Tied) = 1,252 Total." 

A nicely prepared table with overall totals as well as state-by-state temperatures is worth a look. Data like these (which can only distress a worried populace) are another example of what conservatives like to call "interference of Big Government in our lives."  Of course, all true believers know that global warming is a hoax and will not be distracted by annoying evidence to the contrary.  Hence, a good way to relieve fears about climate change would be to cut the National Climatic Data Center in the budget Obama and Congress are negotiating.  That would cool things down.