Job creation plans of both political parties: a detailed comparison

I've been reading in newspapers and on the Net to identify the key points in the job creation plans of the Democrats and Republicans.  In several days of searching, here's a point-by-point comparison of the ideas I've found.

Democratic Plan                                                 Republican Plan

1.  Extend unemployment insurance                          1.  Tax cuts for the wealthy
2.  Handshake and nice pat on the back                    2.  Handshake & hearty "Get a Job, Jerk!"
3.                                                                                         3.
4.                                                                                         4.
5.                                                                                         5.
6.                                                                                         6.
7.                                                                                         7.
8.                                                                                         8.
9.                                                                                         9.
10.  Obama's lecture fees when he leaves office       10.  Lecture fees for George W. Bush now
                                                                                                   that he's left office