Two elegant gentlemen: Sal Restivo and Tony Bennett

My friend and colleague Sal Restivo, brilliant, prolific sociologist of science, recently retired from the Department of Science and Technology Studies at Rensselaer and has moved to Ghent in Belgium where he continues his work as a research fellow at the university there.   I'll miss him. 

In an exchange of emails today he mentioned that he'd gone to a Tony Bennett concert in Antwerp and later spent some time with his fellow Italian American.  Here's Sal's description:   "In photo left to right: Sal,Tony Bennett (holding the CD from my son Dave's gig as the Boss Brass pianist with Mel Torme; Dave sent Tony the CD in appreciation for his influence on his (Dave's) music), my friend Phyllis, and Tony's wife Susan."  

 I see.  So this is "retirement" in Europe.  Go, Sal!