Video of my talk: Thinking Outside the Box IS the New Box

                                 The "god terms" of world societies have an "inherent potency"
                                                                                          - Richard M. Weaver

At the request of a group of Rensselaer students last May I delivered a Ted-ish "TALK" in a new series of short lectures by the university's faculty.  My topic was "Thinking Outside the Box IS the New Box."  You'll see that I poke fun at one of the untouchable sacred cows of our era. 

Now a video of my remarks has been released by Rensselaer along with the other lectures offered that afternoon. 

An illustrated transcription and Soundcloud recording of my presentation was prepared by RPI graduate students in the Department of Science and Technology Studies: Dan Lyles, Ben Brucato and Taylor Dotson.  Many thanks guys!                                                             

(No more Aspen for me.)