Name the "Cene" contest -- Enter today!

                       Mammoths marching to protest the vile designation -- "Anthropocene"

As a way to express my bemused astonishment at the narcissistic attempt by techno-enthusiasts to name the current geological epoch "The Anthropocene," I recently suggested what I initially thought to be a sensible alternative, calling this world historic period "The Langdonpocene."  It has a nice ring to it, don't you think, and after all, I am definitely among those in the category "anthropos" identified in the ongoing branding campaign.  So I figure: Why not go all the way?

Unfortunately, there has been stiff resistance to my idea, angry emails and the like.   Some readers find it silly, pretentious and even offensive that I'd propose giving MY name to the dynamics and changes of the planetary eons now unfolding.  Upon further reflection I've decided the critics are right. "Langdonpocene" is just as absurd as "Anthropocene." Clearly, there's a need for further reflection.  

In that light I'm starting a contest:  Name the Cene.  

I invite any and all suggestions for the name that best characterizes the extended period of time that includes a significant slice of the recent past with anticipations of the thousands or millions of years ahead.  You may, if you like, designate the period -- as the "Anthropocene" crowd has done -- after the particular group or club of which you are a member.  In the era of the Internet, of course, many people will probably want to name this epoch after their cat.  I'm open to all proposals. 

Please enter your pitch for a suitable name in the Comments section below.  I'll tabulate the results and update this page occasionally.  We'll see if a firm consensus emerges. 

I'm sure it will be quite a "Cene".