Occupy Albany meets winter weather

Well, here's citizen Langdon at an Occupy Albany demonstration on October 15, disguised in  coat and tie to fool the cops and media.  I told the crowd that they didn't need advice from anyone about their goals, messages and actions.  But I did take note of an important fact, namely that winter is coming on that the temptation would be to say "It's too cold and wet to get out to marches and meetings." 

So I offered a story about the year my family and I spent in Norway some years back. 

We noticed that the Norwegians were always outside, regardless of weather conditions.  They walk, they skii, they picnic, and do whatever comes to mind, all year round, including the dead of winter.  Even small children frolic in outdoor neighborhood "barna" parks, the year round including the wet, freezing winter!  After a time I asked some friends in Oslo how such flagrant disregard for rain, snow, sleet, and bitter cold was possible.  They explained that there were historical reasons for this ways of life (too complicated to summarize here) and then shared a favorite Norwegian saying:  
There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!

Since that time I've made it a practice to get outdoors more often.  Just wear a good warm coat and hat,  buy boots that keep one's feet dry, and take sensible steps necessary to meet Mother Nature on friendly terms.  This is good advice for political activists as well.  Don't yield to stupid excuses about why you can't stay involved during the winter months.