From you friends at Occupy Wall Street -- A good question

I'm flying to Madrid in a couple of days to give talks at Universidad Complutense and participate in a  round table discussion with philosophers, a lawyer and activists in the 15-May and subsequent movements.  I've also been invited to Patio Marvillas, a squatted building that serves as a community center, to share my thoughts on Occupy Wall Street.

Another wonderful community center in the city, Tabacalera, an old tobacco factory dating back to the 18th century, is the subject of an interesting piece, "Fuera de Lugar," by publisher/public intellectual,  Amador Fernández-Savater.  The background here is that the future of Tabacalera, a place alive with social movements, is under a cloud because the conservative Partido Popular is likely to win the upcoming elections and withdraw any funding for the center. 

As I've noted before in these pages, a very easy way to translate articles from Spanish (or any language) into English in rough but readable versions, is to use Google Chrome and its built-in translation program.  When people complain that the translations are not perfect, I respond: "Give me a break!" (or something a little more obscene).