The Automatic Professor Machine -- Parts 1 & 2

After many years of taking part in discussions about technology in education, I decided to offer my views in a satirical lecture, "Introducing the Automatic Professor Machine."  It first appeared at a conference on the future of educational technologies at Pennsylvania State University in the late 1990s.  Among those in the audience were Ivan Illich and Neal Postman. When I announced that, "I've recently had a change of heart about these matters," an audible "gasp!" went up from the crowd.  Then I introduced my alter ego, Mr. L.C. Winner, CEO of the Educational Smart Hardware Alma Mater corporation, who proceeded to roll out his version of the fashionable arguments, brands and slogans of the period, flimflam still very much in vogue today.  Later I made a somewhat shortened video version of the lecture, but its "RM" encoding made it difficult to distribute.  Newly reformatted, it's now available in two parts on YouTube.  Enjoy!