My favorite story from Occupy Wall Street

The mainstream press and the undercover cops know there just has to be "a leader" for the Occupy Wall Street and other Occupy protests.  The best story I've read about this comes from an essay by Chris Hedges, "Why Corporate Elites Should Be Petrified by Occupy Wall Street." The story is told by Ketchup, a twenty-two year old woman from Chicago who's active in the Zuccotti Park demonstrations.

“The undercover cops are the only ones who ask, ‘Who’s the leader?’ ” she said. “Presumably, if they know who our leaders are they can take them out. The fact is we have no leader. There’s no leader, so there’s nothing they can do.

“There was a woman [in the medics unit]. This guy was pretending to be a reporter. The first question he asks is, ‘Who’s the leader?’ She goes, ‘I’m the leader.’ And he says, ‘Oh yeah, what are you in charge of?’ She says, ‘I’m in a charge of everything.’ He says, ‘Oh yeah? What’s your title?’ She says ‘God.’ ”