Battle of the Giants: Facebook blocks Google+

While I'm undecided about which massive force to side with (if any) it's clear that Facebook sees Google+ as a threat to its "social networking" empire of several hundred million users.  The excerpt below from the International Business Times offers a  mundane example of a political artifact at work in the realm of corporate power.

"...for some incomprehensible reason Facebook simply wants to shut all doors and develop the network inside its own boundaries. In a matter of days, Facebook slammed the door for Open-Xchange's OX.IO export tool - A service which merge data from all your networks and address books to create your "magic" address book. This is the second time in a week Facebook has shut the exit door for data that users upload. In an act that can be called the height of desperation, Facebook had earlier blocked a Google Chrome extension developed for exporting Facebook Friends' lists to Google's hot social networking venture Google+."

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"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!"
  -- from the old radio program, The Shadow